french men. a rocking wine list. an even better cheese list.

if you like any of these things then you will love Adelaide’s newest addition to the bar scene, La Buvette.


We checked out this little beauty on a friday night just recently and we were very impressed. The outside of the building is a beautiful blue and pops with colour with hand lettered signage. We were greeted by a ever so lovely door man, who held out his hand and welcomed us into the bar. An absolute gentleman, or maybe he knew by that time we had a couple of cocktails under the belt. either way we appreciated it and knew it was the start of good things to come.



This place has already built itself a good name in the bar scene in such a short period of time and you can tell why. Sleek interior, nice lighting, great music and a really cool crowd. Its not pretentious, has the right amount of class and a elegant Frenchy vibe about it. It welcomes everyone- men in suits to hens, to those wanting to just have a drink of wine and share a charcuterie platter.


The waiters were super helpful and during our visit gave us mini french lessons in preparation to Paris. While we were drooling at the sound of the gorgeous accent (and hey, lets face it, he was very easy to look at as well), he taught us about some of the different spirits and wines on offer and the background of the bar. It didn’t take long before we were were picking wines off their extensive wine menu which is written on the blackboard wall. They have a great wine selection from SA and all the way to France, as well as cocktails, bubbles, beer and French cider. I opted for a French cider which I ordered in my terrible french accent and it was divine.

you can find La Buvette Drinkery at 27 Gresham Street, Adelaide. i’m going to head back sober with the SLR and get some decent photos and then have myself a bubbly.

Written by Jess

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