its the saturday of the long weekend (happy easter)

the girls and I head to Unley Road for brekky thinking the place would be bustling. wrong. seems it is a ghost town and everything is closed.

thank-the-breakfast-gods that we found Rosey’s because it was a winner.

seems the all of the visitors to unley road were at this bright, beautiful cafe. the tables were full to the brim and people were seated on the benches waiting outside for a coffee (always a sign of a good cafe). after waiting a couple of minutes for a table we were seated out the back in a little table tucked near the doorway and under the shade of a big leafy tree. we sipped our lattes and pondered over the menu.



mismatched chairs and fairy lights fill the outdoor dining area

the menu itself has all day breakfast and lunch, which is made from locally sourced produce. they also have a long list of drinks including your standard teas and coffee, fresh juices and wines/cocktails. the breakfast menu is impressive and caters for everyone from vegos to those who have a sweet tooth. the lunch menu sounded equally as good- think lamb shoulder salad with fried brie. YES, FRIED!

IMG_9947 IMG_9946

lunch menu hangs inside on brown paper/home made cakes sit on the benches surrounded by brightly coloured artwork and hanging bottles.

after much debate and changing our minds a thousand times we finally decided on-
the big veggie breakfast
the big breakfast
ASF (avo, samba and feta on sourdough)


big veggie brekky (not its proper name but cannot remember)- house made beans, spinach, tomatoes, poached eggs, beetroot, pan fried haloumi, mushrooms and avo.  


the big brekky (not its real name)- avo, sourdough, little sausage, poached eggs, tomatoes, spinach, chorizo, mushroom and bacon on toast.


ASF- avo, samba, feta on sourdough with a extra side of housemade beans. I washed mine down with a fresh OJ.

the beans were a little spicy but rich and delicious. the girls said the poached eggs were cooked perfectly, the tomatoes were delicious and the both brekkys in general were fantastic. a massive feed for a very reasonable price. I could eat the housemade baked beans all day.

with staff were super friendly and accommodating- especially since they were well and truly under the pump being a public holiday. this is one to keep on the list for places to try if you like a proper breakfast and great service.

you can find Rosey’s at 139 Unley Road, Unley. open every day.

Written by Jess

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