relaxed, organic and free spirited cafes are a rarity down in the south of Adelaide until this little ripper graced Aldinga.

Maxwell’s Grocery is shop and cafe combined, offering fresh, local and organic produce ready to buy off the shelves to take home. For those who want to stay and soak in the awesome atmosphere then you can grab a seat in the sunshine, preuse the menu and sip on a green juice.


On friday, whilst waiting for a friend, I explored the little store which was stocked with cheeses, seasonal produce and local goods. They stock my favourite Wildfire Organic TeaB.D Farm Paris Creek cheese (look no further than the brie) and the brightly coloured and incredibly delicious Willunga Pasta. You could literally do your weekly fruit and veg shop here and you wouldn’t miss a thing. the also offer a range of whole foods and even native flowers.

some how I managed to stray from buying any goodies (for now). I grabbed my cold pressed green juice and a large latte from the counter and got my people watching on outside. the green juice is not your typical “may as well be eating lawn clippings” type juice. this one is super tasty and packed full of locally grown kale, orange, apple and pineapple. the coffee was just as good- must be something to do with the local Villere coffee beans that they use. i swear i’m not biased.


before I knew it my friend and one of my favourite little misses arrived and we tucked into lunch. they don’t have a huge list of options but i’ll just tell you now to get the beef burger. unless your vegetarian than I would go the vege burger or soup which sounds equally as delicious. & another bonus, the food is served until 4pm so perfect for those who are unorganised like me and don’t get there shit together until late in the day.

the burger was served to me with a beautiful smile in a little takeaway box. inside was the most buttery looking brioche I have seen in a long time. filled with caramelised onion, lettuce, cheese, tomato and a Wakefield Grange beef patty- I was hoping the fact that it looked like a gourmet delight as apposed to a plastic maccas cheeseburger would be enough to keep little misses hands off of it. how wrong was I, this bad boy was gone in about 4 minutes with her assistance.


the bun was so light and had a delicious slather of caramelised onion on it. the swiss cheese was just melted onto the patty which was cooked medium- bloody perfect. there was even some healthy stuff in there with the addition of fresh veg like lettuce and tomato. oh and they have a secret sauce which was on the patty spread in all its glory. I even contemplated hustling my way into the kitchen to steal a container or two of it.

if your feeling snacky they also offer a range of raw and healthy treats like bliss balls, chai seed puddings and raw cakes. you can even try your hand at making your own almond milk with there nifty almond milk making kits- I need to give this a go!


you can find Maxwell’s Grocery at 11 Old Coach Road, Aldinga.
good-luck walking out of there without something delicious in your hands.

Written by Jess



Its so delicious, they do a veggie burger aswell that looks really good as well!


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