Pancake lovers, coffee enthusiasts and indoor plant obsessives beware: you are going to have a SERIOUS love affair with this café.

Let me introduce to you, Karma and Crow.


Karma and Crow is tucked away in the business district of Richmond Road. It’s a blink and you’ll miss it kinda joint, so much so we drove past it twice (just quietly I blame google maps). The outside of the building is painted a stark white, with the words “COFFEE” written above its doors in bold black capitals. As soon as I read that I knew this was my kinda place.


Karma and Crow’s casual, industrial and eclectic vibe is captured as soon as you approach the front doors. There’s hanging baskets in the alfresco, air plants hanging off of door frames, succulents and ferns everywhere you look- I was in heaven.


There is plenty of seating inside for groups and couples, as well as a few tables dotted around outside. When we first arrived it was super busy- but the staff here were quick to get us seated and looked after us with takeaway coffees in the meantime- they know the way to my heart!


The menu is long and features all day breakfasts and lunches. It has something for everyone- from those who like dessert for breakfast (hello homemade banana bread and orange and cardamom pannacotta) as well as the usual, and not so usual, brekky provisions.


I chose the ‘Ricotta hotcakes with textures of strawberry, white chocolate and berry labneh, honeycomb butter and maple syrup’ while the other half chose the ‘Pulled Pork with poached eggs, chilli, kale, beetroot hollandaise, fresh apple and radish on sourdough’.


The ricotta hotcakes were plated perfectly- the bright purple labneh and edible flowers were stunning. I’ll admit I took 20 photos of them. The labneh was thick and super sweet, meaning I didn’t have to use a lot of the generous amount of maple syrup. The pancakes were light and fluffy and I could eat them 10 times over.


The other half loved his pulled pork- he said it melted in his mouth and had a nice chilli kick. As for the eggs they were cooked perfectly and had a golden oozy yolk. He also loved the freshness of the apple and radish- let’s just say the whole meal got devoured.

To go on the side we had lattes made with Elementary Coffee– perfect as always, as well as fresh juice (because that totally cancels out the pancakes, right?!). We picked the ‘De-filth’– a combo of apple, cucumber, celery, spinach, parsley and lemon and the ‘Fresh Prince’ with watermelon, apple, strawberry, celery and mint. Needless to say, they were both refreshing and perfect given the sunny weather.


Karma and Crow, you totally lived up to all our expectations. Now bring more days off so I can continue to eat my way through your epic menu.

You can find Karma and Crow 249-251 Richmond Road, Adelaide

Written by Jess

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john Morgan

extremely colourful food and drinks, looks delish, and by the way, I love the hand modeling with the coffee cups.


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