adelaide’s east end.

filled with cafes, stores filled with hand made goods and locally sourced items and even a treadly shop.

and then there’s Exchange Specialty Coffee.


on a corner in Vardon avenue, this not-hidden-anymore gem is always hustling and bustling with hipsters, city folk, workers and every one in-between. the coffee is always strong, the place smells like a dream and the pastries on display with generally require you wearing a bib due to salivation. the staff are equally as good as their coffee, always greeting you with the biggest of smiles and catering to your every need.

the interior is new york-esc with white subway tiles, moody greys, long tables and large windows letting is plenty of natural light. concrete plants with succulent sit on the tabletops and a highway diner style menu board tells you all about the coffee and tea of the day. bright, comfortable, clean and just damn cool- this cafe ticks all the boxes.


my partner and I decided to stop in and make lunch out of our coffee stop and we were not disappointed. the menu has quite a few options all at a reasonable price point that feature a taste of both breakfast and brunch. if your feeling peckish then look no further than the pastries or some toast with Paris Creek butter. if you are feeling all kinds on hangry then you will be well looked after with big meals that will make you oh so full.


before ordering food we had already sunk two lattes that went down and a treat and didn’t need sugar. we watched the barista magically work the coffee machine making works of art in lattes while we cruised our eyes over the food menu. I desperately wanted the pikelets but after much debate decided on the wallace sandwich. the other halves love for beans was in full force and he opted for the slow braised boston beans.


although the place was busy and coffees were forever walking out the door our meals came in perfect time and before we knew it we were tucking in. the wallace sandwich was thick and on the softest of ciabattas. filled with avo, pancetta, chipotle mayo, tomato, coriander pesto and roasted peppers it really was a heavenly sanga. the pancetta melted in my mouth and I could’ve eaten a kilo of it!

the other halfs boston beans were some of the best I have eaten- they reminded me a of a curry and were rich and flavoursome. the barossa pork belly was perfectly cooked and soft, the crackle was crunchy and salty and the poached eggs were runny in the middle. even better was there was plenty of bread to sop up all that sauce.

next on the list when I go back has to be the pikelets and the croissants. I have heard amazing things and I believe every one of them.


you can visit the lovely team at Exchange Specialty Coffee at 12-18 Vardon Avenue, Adelaide. 

Written by Jess

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