25 things to do in and around Noosa

A recent trip to Noosa had me madly scrolling through google looking for the best things to see and do. After realising 7 nights was no where near enough time to pack it all in (apparently 15 cafes for brunch in 7 days is a bit of  overkill), I narrowed our list down to something more appropriate.

I’m no seasoned Noosa lady, this is my first real trip, but here’s my list of 25 things to do in and around Noosa. It’ll help if you have a car and love food- because let’s face it, all my holidays generally revolve around stuffing my face.

25 things to do in and around Noosa

  1. Spend the morning perusing the Eumundi Markets and stock up on everything from local veggies, clothing, ice cream and rainbow bagels.
  2. Hire a boat and spend hours cruising the Noosa River (we chose O Boat Hire, great rates and had a blast). If you find yourself to be a bit of a Rex Hunt then try your hand at fishing off of one of the many banks or sand bars. Yibbida Yibbida.
  3. Pull on your leggings and explore one of the many trails in the Noosa National Park. Our favourite was the Coastal trail, where you get to take in some spectacular views of the ocean. Make sure your camera has plenty of charge, the view from Hell’s Gate is incredible.
  4. Great caffeinated at one of the many local coffee roasters- Clandestino, Costa Noosa and Little Cove Coffee Co are winners in our books.

  5. Go wildlife hunting! Look for Koalas in the Noosa National Park and Kangaroos at dusk in the hinterland- we found plenty near the driving range car park at the Noosa Valley Country Club.
  6. Eat ice cream on the beach. Visit Massimo’s for seriously rich Toblerone ice-cream and BIG scoops or Nitrogenie for a theatrical and delicious ice-cream experience.
  7. Eat your body weight in burgers at Betty’s Burgers and Concrete Co. Make sure you save room for a cup of concrete (frozen custard with mix ins), although I am a firm believer that there is a separate stomach for dessert.
  8. Test out your core muscles and hire a stand up board. Fall on your ass and blame the waves.

  9. Chuck on some khaki and an akubra hat and take a day trip to the Australia Zoo.
  10. Throw some snags on the barbie at one of the many free BBQ facilities along the Noosa River, in the parks or by Sunshine Beach. I swear these are some of the cleanest public BBQ’s i’ve ever seen.
  11. Then devour some of the best fish and chips in Noosa from the Boathouse. Watch the pelicans and seagulls stare at you for a chip or two (you won’t have any leftovers, believe me).
  12. Put together a epic picnic with local produce from Belmondos Organic Market and Providore on Hastings. Try and stop yourself buying way more than you need (goodluck).
  13. Have beers and good brews in Noosas MOTO Bar. What’s more manly then sinking jugs of locally brewed — beer and being surrounded by custom made motorbikes?
  14. Give the credit card a workout along Hastings Street. If you love clothing, home wears and beach gear then bring a trolley.

  15. Head to Sunshine Beach Surf Club and soak up the sun on the deck with a frothie. Eat a giant steak on steak night, and be chuffed that you walked away with change from a $20 note.
  16. Roll your way home after eating pizzas using 72 fermented sourdough from El Capitano.
  17. Acquaint yourself with one of the many delicious cafes around Noosa- because there’s no such thing as too much brunch.
  18. Get a photo of a wild bush turkey. Why. Because they’re funny looking (and slightly terrifying) and they are everywhere!
  19. Look for the incredible fairy rock pools off of the costal trail in the Noosa National Park. Bring your swimsuit and do your best pose.
  20. Catch the ferry to Noosa North shore. Take your 4WD onto the sand, or if you’re travelling in something smaller, walk onto the sand and take in the view of the never ending beach.

  21. Pretend you’re in Bali and grab a young coconut from Coconut Head and take it to the beach. Don’t forget the photo of the coconut in front of the Ocean- it’s perfect for the ‘gram.
  22. Eat some of the best Asian food at Sum Yung Guys. Order plenty of the chicken ribs and pork skewers for a very good time.
  23. Go snorkeling at Noosa Beach or one of the many coves off the coast. Look for where the waters flat and crystal clear and spot yourself some fish.
  24. Take some surfing lessons and when you stand up think of yourself as the new Kelly Slater.
  25. Visit the local farmers market, held every Sunday at the Noosa football oval. Buy fresh mangos and pineapples, because, when in Queensland!

Have you been to Noosa before? What’s your favourite things to do and see? I’d love to know!

Written by Jess

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