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The other day a friend and I attended a tea blending workshop run by Jane Burke from Wildfire Organic Tea. We have been eyeing off her workshops for a while now, so as soon as she announced that she was launching a new “Tea For Health” workshop we couldn’t buy our tickets quick enough.

Jane is a Natural Therapist, Aromatherapist and soon to be qualified Herbalist, so we were excited for her to pass on her knowledge and teach us how to nurture our bodies through tea.



The workshop was held in the Salt Yoga studio in Christies Beach- it’s such a beautiful space and was the perfect place to spend an afternoon getting creative (there’s something about painted mandalas and being close to the ocean that gets the creative juices flowing). We all sat around a table that was filled to the brim with bowls of teas, herbs and flowers and we all couldn’t wait to get stuck in to blending.


Myself and 5 other ladies had the pleasure of listening to Jane give us a quick introduction to medicinal tea and how it can benefit our bodies. We then spoke about different herbs and teas available to us, how they can be used to assist in illness and healing and what herbs are best for particular ailments.

Then came the fun part- getting hands on. We passed around each bowl, while Jane told us all about the herbs and teas we were smelling. It was so interesting and great to be able to experience the herbs while she was telling us about all their benefits.


Once we were all clued up about the teas it was time to get blending! The aim of my tea blends were to target two particular problems I have on a day to day basis- getting super bloated and the struggle to sleep/relax. I picked teas and herbs that targeted my Digestive System and Nervous System so I could make two separate blends to help me with my sleep and bloat issues.


For the blend that targeted my bloating issues (which I have now called my “Bye bye food baby” tea) I used a combination of Tumeric, Ginger, Chamomile, Peppermint, Lemongrass and Stinging Nettle to make a light and earthy tea to reduce my tummy issues.

For the calming and sleepy tea I made a blend using Skullcap, Lavender, Peppermint, Jasmine, Oat straw, Hibiscus and Valerian. This tea turned out nice and sweet, a beautiful pink colour and smelt heavenly. I can’t wait to tuck into one tonight! We got our teas in our own little tins and ziplock bags to take home, with cute labels where we could write our tea formulas on the side (I felt like such a professional!)


This particular tea blending course cost $45 and covered two hours of tea-talk, blending, our own take home blends and some really good cake. I mean, who doesn’t love cake.

You can find out more about Jane, Wildfire Organic Tea and upcoming workshops on her Facebook.



Written by Jess

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