night shift and 3 hours sleep calls for a damn good breakfast, a laugh and a very good cup of coffee.

so today I did just that at Goodwood Roads newest addition, Trouble and Strife.



I arrived early with magazine in hand and was greeted with a lovely big smile from the lovely man at the counter. He told me that they had Dawn Patrol Coffee and I almost died of excitement. I ordered a latte the size of my head and quickly took a seat out the front in the sunshine, surrounded by a cow hide rug and a selection of peppermint & frankie magazines.


Trouble and Strife is tucked away next to the Goodwood Cellars and is a mix of moody greys, cool lighting, pops of bright artwork and dark metals. The tables are covered in handpicked poseys with billy buttons in painted terracotta pots. The vibe is buzzing. The staff contribute to that with such positive and warming attitudes that it makes you want to sign up to work there.

I sipped on my latte (delicious), listened to the busker do covers of some of my mums favourite songs and resisted the urge to start dancing in the street. I spent a good half an hour debating what I wanted from the menu which hung on the wall on brown paper and was surrounded by succulents. The menu itself is a combination of breakfast, brunch, sweets and juices/smoothies. Think peanut butter smoothies, poached pears and granola, haloumi for breakfast- YUM.


There is plenty of options suited to veggos, with most of the meals being plant based with the addition of bacon and other meats at a small fee. I almost fell off my chair when I saw how much they were asking, it is by far the cheapest prices that I have seen on goodwood road for a long time.

I ordered the house made baked beans with rocket, sourdough, feta and bacon. Ling ordered smashed avo, peas, feta on bread with smoked salmon. We both were feeling healthy so we each settled on a green juice with coconut, apple, mint and celery.


I was taken back a bit when the food was brought out. There was so much attention to detail on our plates- my beans were served on a wooden platter, the plating was beautiful and the food looked fresh as. One spoonful of my beans and I was hooked. The sauce was rich and had the right amount of kick, the bacon was crispy, they didn’t skimp on the feta and the sourdough was toasted and perfect for mopping up that extra bean sauce.


I snagged a bite of Lings smashed avo and it was divine. The peas added a different taste to your usual avo on toast, and with the addition of the lemon it gave it a bit of zing. I’m not a salmon girl by all means but my foodie friend highly recommended it. Her dish was equally as pretty and almost swayed me to have a bite of the salmon. Almost.


before we left I was drawn back inside to buy sweets were I took a banana bread home, as well as 2 hand painted gingerbread cookies in the shape of a bear and a flamingo. I don’t think i’ll be able to eat them as they are so damn pretty.


the verdict on this place. well you really have no excuse not to come. I know I can’t think of any. You can find Trouble and Strife at 123 Goodwood Road, Adelaide.

Written by Jess



What a cool little cafe! I love the decoration of the gingerbread cookies, too nice to eat x

dressed in copper

I know I am still holding off eating them, they are way to pretty! x


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