the other day I met a very special lady. a girl boss. a dreamer. we chatted for what seemed like hours, instagrammed our food and spoke as loud as each other.

and the perfect setting for this delightful brunch? The Golden Fleece Cafe.


tucked away next to Four Winds Chocolate on High Street at Willunga, this laid back, colourful and heart warming cafe welcomes you with massive smiles making every visit simply perfect. the interior has a vintage retro feel to it, with mismatched tables, chairs that you’ll find in your grandmas place and posys of flowers and succulents scattered around on tables.


in the warmer months pull up a pew in the sunshine- the garden out the front is filled with wildflowers and there is plenty of round tables to sit and soak up the rays. in the cooler months head inside and get comfortable on one of their many seats surrounded by large glass windows.


I ordered a latte, and sank it rather quickly whilst battling with myself on what to eat for brunch. the menu is long and will leave your mouth watering, with options like french toast, big breakfasts, eggs any way and even toast if you were after something simple. lunch is also equally as tempting with salads packed with flavour, sandwiches and Portuguese chicken. the prices for food are reasonable and the portion sizes are plenty. if you are after something a bit smaller then walk your way to their cake cabinet which is filled to the brim with incredible treats like carrot cake, vanilla bean cupcakes and baked flourless, cocoa and coconut cake. i’ll have one of each thanks.


Chloe and I settled on the same feed, smashed avo on sourdough, with feta, sticky balsamic, greens and poached eggs. because I am a egg weirdo and they sometimes freaked me out I opted for bacon instead (because why not). let’s just say fantastic choice by both of us.


another coffee was ordered, moved to different tables to get the perfect light and photographed, and before we knew it our meals were ready to be devoured. and that they did. the sourdough was toasted but still nice and soft in the middle, the avocado was in abundance and the feta was rich and creamy. I saw Chloe’s eggs be all oozy just like poached ones should, and I felt a little bit envious. until I tucked into my bacon. it was thick, it was a little bit crispy and there was rashers a plenty. I was in bacon heaven.


if you are after a takeaway, a breakfast that ends up being a lunch or even catering then Mandy, Ben and the fleecy team will be your new local. I know where I will be going when I come back down the hill.

you can find The Golden Fleece at 30 High Street, Willunga.

Written by Jess

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