award winning coffee. delicious beer on tap. a mouth watering menu and a damn cool vibe.

all of these combined with the addition of sweet tunes and the worlds biggest espresso machine creates one sweet cafe, also known as Pure Boutique Coffee Bar.


you heard right. coffee and a bar all in one. yes you pretty much have died and gone straight to heaven. The walls are plastered with blackboard paint with some of the prettiest of chalk drawings and typography that your eyes have ever seen. There’s plenty of timber, ply, succulents and black metal to go around and lots of industrial style pendants hanging above ya’ll head.


the cafe has a eclectic vibe, full of old school items and even a piano thrown in for good measure. and then the neon lights of Brooklyn Lager catches your eye and all of a sudden you feel like your in a American basement bar. they dish out some mighty delicious drinks, from cocktails to beers on tap.

because I had to venture to work that afternoon I settled on a caffeinated beverage and sunk down a latte while the girls settled on dirty chai’s. if you love your coffee then you may as well set up camp here: they partner with 5 Senses, Seven Seeds and Barossa Coffee Roasters. if you love a aeropress or 12 hour cold drip then you are in safe hands. Pure also sells bags of the good stuff as well as loose leaf love tea for those who are that way inclined.


after talking all things european holiday with my ladies we finally decided on lunch. with so much to choose from it was a difficult task. think sliders, toasted sandwiches, all day damn big breakfasts and plenty of sweets- I was in food heaven.

I committed to the mushroom and parmesan arancini balls with nap sauce and a pear, rocket and fennel salad. The ladies chose the teriyaki chicken sliders, lemon & lime salt and pepper squid and a giant toastie.


The arancini was packed full of hearty mushroom with plenty of cheesy goodness. The nap sauce was rich and was a perfect combination. The salad was fresh and crisp. I usually hate on all things fennel but this time round it wasn’t to over powering and really delicious.


I snaffled a couple of peices of my friends lemon and lime salt and pepper squid with chilli aioli. The coating on the squid was moreish and the chilli aioli had the perfect amount of kick. The squid wasn’t chewy and even had me, the anti-seafood girl, converted.


I didn’t taste the toastie or the slider, but the girls said that they were very good. Both meals were huge to the point that they couldn’t actually finish them. Oh and the brioche holding the slider together, hello glossy goodness. The slider came with a decent side of hand cut chips that I have had several times before and they are always a winner. all of these meals came in under $20 so it’s the a great place for those who want food of a high standard without having to take out a small personal loan.


Whether your after food, coffee, sweets or after work drinks then this should be your new go to place in Glenelg. Serving dinner on the weekends and all day breakfast, you really have no excuse not to visit.

you can find Pure Boutique Coffee Bar at 34 Jetty Road, Glenelg.

Written by Jess



How amazing is Pure! My boyfriend go there a few times and love the stack of pancakes. And it’s big enough to organize catch-up with friends too.


it’s so delicious isn’t it. I’ve never had the pancakes, sounds like that will be what I order next time! x


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