If you love relaxed vibes, acoustic tunes, wine times and good grub then you need to clear December 2nd in your diary.

Because Porchland is here and it’s bigger than ever.

Porchland, the big brother to their smaller events, ‘The Porch Sessions’, is going to be held in a breathtaking location this year- The Range Hall. Tucked away on the Fleurieu Peninsula, just 10 minutes out of wine town (McLaren Vale), the hall is going to make the most dreamiest settings for this festival. Think humongous pine trees. Rolling hills. Views of the southern coastline. And Persian rugs, of course.

Being a festival that celebrates music, there’s no doubt that the line-up will be next level. This year we’re talking big names and local and interstate acts. Sit down because just quietly, this may make you a little weak at the knees.

I’m talking about tunes from Stu Larsen, Stella Donnelly, 30/70, Ainsley Farrell, Bjear, Ryan Martin John and Thelma Plum. If that doesn’t get you going then I don’t know what will. I have been itching to see Thelma since her song ‘Dollar’ came out. I used around 4 gig of download listening to her song over again and again on Youtube and wasn’t even sad about it. Pop her name in google and good luck stopping your hips from swinging and feet tapping. Her voice is absolutely golden.

This event isn’t just about the music- although it’s possibly the bloody highlight of the night. The porchie folk have teed up a collaboration with the South Australian film king Andy Manners from State of Surf, where they will be showing his newest film ‘Belong Nowhere’. This will be played as the sun kisses the sea, and will show off the SA surf community as well as fashion, artists and plenty more. All these dreamy images will be backed up by an all South Australian soundtrack- could this festival get any more South Aussie? I think not.

All great festivals offer a good choice of food and bevvys, and this one is no different. Locally made food will be on the cards, with food from the likes of Caroclub, Forage Supply Co and Four Seeds (just to name a few). Old faithful, and personal favourite Hither & Yon wines will be poured by the glass (or take the whole bottle if you feel so inclined), as well as tinnys from Sparkke and cider by the Barossa Cider Co. If you need a bit of a boost then the crew from C.R.E.A.M has you covered.

If you’re keen to have a sneaky shopping spree between tunes, be sure to hit up a ATM before coming, because the Porchie Market Bazaar will be filled with plenty of bohemian and beautiful wares. I’m talking about Sabaii, Knotley Crew, Georgia Walker designs and plenty more goodness.

You can get tickets to Porchland here. They also offer buses to and from the venue at an additional cost- because drink driving is for losers. Check out their Facebook page and Instagram for deets and dreamy pics.

Photos provided by The Porch Sessions.

Written by Jess

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