have you ever met someone for the first time being nervous as hell, but after speaking to them for 5 minutes feel like you have known them for 10 years?

that’s how I felt when I met the humble, inspiring and incredibly friendly Peggy Veloudos from T Bar.


catching up with Peggy in T Bar at Gouger Street was a tea lovers heaven. we sat and sipped on a peppermint tea, talked about travel and tales of tea and I learn’t about the different types of tea. I never realised how complicated tea was and how many options were available, it was mind blowing!


I learnt that T bar sources their tea from all over the globe including China, Japan, India, and Sri Lanka. Peggy herself still has the pleasure of choosing blends here in Adelaide along with the other members of the T Bar company (about 20 of them in total), who she proudly calls her family. When Peggy spoke with me about her tea you could tell how passionate she was about what she does, and proud she was that the business still remains as a family owned company which is a rarity these days. Peggy’s inspiration behind T Bar? It’s thanks to her mum Stella who brought her up with a good pot of tea on the kitchen table throughout her childhood, as well as inspiration from her partners John, Tony & Kate who helped take her passion to the next level.


I had the pleasure of tasting a few of the 120+ teas that T Bar stocks and my god there are some amazing blends. Whether you love a traditional english breakfast, a green tea or a fruit or herbal tea there’s no doubt in my mind that T Bar will have what your after.


here’s a few of my new personal favourites:

ginger chips– It’s the perfect remedy for a poorly stomach or in my case, bloating and motion sickness. Made from dried ginger root, it’s caffeine free which means its perfect for before bed.

lapacho vanilla– It smells like a vanilla milkshake and tastes like a dream, this caffeine free tea is rich in iron, vitamins and minerals. This is what I turn to when I am craving dessert but want sweetness without the calories.

lavender– Smells like my grandmas house- but in a good way. This tea is soothing and is lovely as a brew before bed. Lavender is also used for anxiety and digestion problems so it is great for those who are feeling a little stressed.

australian lemon myrtle– a stronger black tea with a hint of lemon myrtle. It has a touch of zing but still holds onto the great qualities of your traditional black tea- and you can hold off on the milk because it’s perfect on its own.

silver needles– one of Peggy’s favourites and I know why. It’s one fine white tea which magically expands when you pop it into boiling water. It is not to strong and is great on it’s own- a real beauty from the Himalayas.


heart-t green– OK, I’m a sucker for cute things. So when I saw that this green tea was pressed into the shape of a love heart a squealed with excitement. It’s a lighter green tea and is best drank with that someone special.

lemon verbena– it’s a popular drink in Europe and is a tea that’s light with a bit of zest. Known for its natural calming abilities, its great for those like me who need some assistance with their stress levels at times.

sexuali-t– yes, the name is giggle-worthy but I bet it got your attention. It’s known to bring on the “mood” shall we say, when sexy time may need a bit of assistance. With ingredients such as horny goat weed, spearmint, rose petals, Siberian ginseng and lavender you’ll have a flavour explosion in your mouth and will bring the kitchen closer to the bedroom.

T-Bar special blend– a green tea that’s beautifully bright and popping with flavour. china green sencha, assam green tea, sunflower and rose petals and cornflower blossoms will fill your cup and transport you to a dream where your sitting barefoot in a field surrounded by flowers at a yoga retreat (or maybe that’s just me).


if your a coffee girl or boy, do yourself a favour and try one of these beauties. you may find yourself converted to the dark side in no time (and i’m not even joking)


you can find the family at the following stores:
T Bar, 44 Gouger Street- their original store stocking a huge range of tea with plenty of room for having a brew and a hearty soup or sandwich from their tempting cabinet.
T Bar Rundle Place- Shop 17, 79-91 Rundle Mall, Adelaide
T Bar @ the Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer– Flinders Drive, Bedford Park

or you can find them online here.

**thanks to the team at T Bar for supplying me with some delicious tea to try. Although supplied with tea, all views and opinions are always my own**

Written by Jess

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