It is common knowledge by my friends and family that I have a serious tea obsession.
I have half a shelf in my not-so-big pantry dedicated to the stuff, and my collection is forever growing.
About a year or so ago I was in a organic food store in Glenelg when I found a little box of goodness called Love Tea. Packaged in simple cardboard boxes with gorgeous designs and typography on the front, I saw the words “calming” on the front. After a stressful time at work this was just what I was looking for. I turned the box around to the back and saw that it was a Australian owned brand using certified organic ingredients and I was sold, and that began the start of my Love Tea obsession.


Love Tea is a Australian owned brand, based just outside of Melbourne in South Geelong. It originally started with Damien and Emma, but has now since grown to a team of 6, with help from Jacqui, Candice, Mish and Caity. They are a bunch of tea lovers, who are passionate about what they do- which clearly shows in their products.

In these love tea boxes you will not just find certified organic tea, but on some occasions, a mix of herbs and spices, creating some beautiful and sensual blends. Most of these are sourced directly from small plantations and farms from all over the world including Indonesia, South Africa, India, Sri Lanka, China, Japan and Taiwan.

Love Tea has some thing for every tea lover, from those who love a standard green tea to those who likes things a bit fruity. They even have a special range for women, with teas helping with pregnancy and menopause. You can drink these with ease knowing that all Naturopathic blends have been put together with the best therapeutic benefit in mind by naturopath Emma.

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Digestive Blend

Designed by Naturopath Emma Jane, this blend is perfect after meals to support digestion. It is also very handy to reduce nausea. It’s caffeine free to you can have a cup before bed (perfect). It boasts a gorgeous combination of flavours; think ingredients such as peppermint, ginger, licorice root, aniseed, lemon balm, fennel and chamomile. my tip- take some on the plane if you get travel sick, its bound to calm the tummy!


White Rose and Goji

The name says it all. A dreamy tea that’s as girly as it gets (this doesn’t mean the boys can’t enjoy it though). A fruity, yet soothing, white tea blend which is a favourite in the love tea family- and now a favourite in mine. With ingredients like white tea, rose petals, rose hips and goji berries, you won’t be able to stop at one cup.


French Breakfast

When Parisians drink tea, I can imagine that this is what they would drink. It even looks so beautiful that you won’t want to soak it in a infuser. A fancy version of a black tea, combined with flavours of rose, cinnamon and sweet vanilla. It’s sweet and a little bit sexy, and is will make you feel dreamy with every sip.

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Jasmine Pearls

Pearls are beautiful and this tea is just like the name suggests. It is made by hand rolling green tea leaves, before they are scented with lovely jasmine flowers. once infused, the pearls unravel and you are hit with a the beautiful perfume of Jasmine. This blend is loved by my whole family and there is no doubt why.

The future of love tea is looking bright, with new teas and blends forever on the cards. One thing you know that they will continue to keep doing is provide beautiful organic tea that is ethically sourced.

You can purchase Love Tea at selected outlets or buy their tea online here on their website.

***Dislaimer: I was provided some tea for this review, but all opinions are honest and remain my own. I drink this tea on a regular basis before doing the review.***

Written by Jess

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