It’s not just for the boys. sorry boys.

One brewery that my partner and I are very fond is Pikes Brewery, found nestled between the trees in the Clare Valley.


A while ago the other half and I were gallivanting around the valley, wine guide in hand and thirst at a all time high. After dabbling in what might call an excessive amount of wine, our bodies, but mostly his, were craving something other than Riesling. Pikes was a god send.


The brewery itself is based in a massive shed next to the Pikes Winery. It’s spacious, full of beer related items with a retro vibe and is run by some equally rad people. You can feel the history in the place and the passion for the beer and brand, which originally started in 1886. Since then it has been revamped and re launched back in 1996 with a new name, a traditional feel and a fresh label.
While we were waiting for our flight to be poured we stood around with the smell of hops in the air, sipped on tastings and oggled at the tanks with talks of new beers to come.


This said flight has 4 beers and is bound to convert those who don’t like beer (once upon a time I thought beer was limited to coronas, so I always believe that tastes can change)


pilsner lager- fresh and lovely on the nose, fruity flavours with a sharp finish. very, very easy to drink.

genuine stout- a velvety stout, deep and dark in colour and slightly bitter. the other half LOVED this one as he is English and apparently this is their thing.

tonic ale- a new one to the list. very light, refreshing and perfect for those who are just transitioning into beer. mix it with a shot of gin for a gin and tonic ale cocktail- you won’t be disappointed

sparkling ale- takes you to the bahamas, with tropical flavours and floral on the nose. perfect on a warm summers day.


If you find yourself up in the Clare Valley Wine Region do yourself a favour and stop in and see the boys at Pikes- no doubt you’ll leave with a carton or two. If you can’t get up there then you will find their brews at Dan Murphys and other independent bottle shops.

You can find Pikes Brewery at Polish Hill River Road, Sevenhill, Clare.

Written by Jess

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