if you know me well you will probably know how much I love pickles.

pickle in the middle is a brightly coloured, ply wood cladded cafe on unley road.

you may have seen them in the adelaide central markets where they sold their cheese & pickle toasties and pickles by the jar. but now they are on unley road and they’re here to stay. and to say i’m excited is a understatement.




every time I have been here it has been buzzing. travelling solo? no problems. grab a seat at the big round table and make some new friends. got kids? that’s fine, they have the coolest designer biscuits going around and are bound to keep the little tackers happy. need food on the go? you are in luck because they do takeaway. oh and you’re vego or vegan? well take a seat because plant-centric menu is bound to please.

IMG_9742 IMG_9741 IMG_9727

the food ranges from eggs on toast to the senorita bowl (think black beans, yoghurt, avo) and everything in between. special mentions to the cheese and zucchini mustard pickle toastie and croissant monsieur. they even have a tempting range of sweets and home made crackers for sale along with their range of pickles (my personal favourite is the tomato kasundi or pickled zucchini)

cheese and pickle toastie- mustard zucchini pickle with mozzarella on Wild Loaf organic ciabatta with salad

chimichurri chicken sandwich- baked chicken, fresh chimichurri, fetta, tomato, pickled red onion on focaccia bread

croissant monsieur- fresh croissant with thyme bechamel, ham, gruyere and cheddar with side salad.

front- lemon myrtle iced tea. back- tumeric tonic. 

had to get a sneaky photo of their menu in because hey, its cool.


they also offer pickling workshops at $90 per person. I know ill be saving my pretty pennies to do one in the near future. because who doesn’t love making things from scratch, and lets face it, your grandma would probably be well-impressed with your new pickling skills (I know mine would).

pickle in the middle is the new kid on the block on unley road, and it certainly is one of the cool kids.
check them out at 134 unley road, Unley. open for brekky and lunch- closed mondays.

Written by Jess

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