a day of shopping works up a hunger. especially when your shopping for jeans and they are so tight fitting that you end up doing star jumps in the fitting rooms.

We wandered down Hindley and onto Peel, where we found the Peel Street restaurant. We were quickly seated in a spot out the front in the glorious sun. We sipped on ciders and coffee and wandered inside, took a photo (or two) of the blackboard menu on our iPhones and sat and pondered for a long while. The menu is impressive with a choice of small or bigger meals that have a strong Asian and Middle East feel.  They incorporate fresh and simple ingredients and team them up with flavours that pack a massive punch.


photo: Calum Robertson. article: SA’s 50 Best Resturants 

We ordered from the smalls menu expecting something entree size. Oh we were very wrong about the “small” size. My partner had the banana blossom chicken with chilli jam + coconut salad with peanuts + crispy shallot. Talk about a flavour explosion in your mouth. The crunch of the shallots and the hint of chilli was a beautiful flavour combination and complimented the chicken perfectly.

peel st 2

I on the other hand ordered the minced lamb, hummus, pomegranate, garlic yoghurt, mint + almond. The balls of lamb melted away in your mouth and were swimming in a healthy dose of hummus. It was packed with herbs and the garlic yoghurt was divine. The pomegranate was a nice little pop of flavour and the mint bought freshness to the dish. 

peel st

as we munched on our food we sat and watched the wait staff bring out several dishes, and each one we drooled at. it left us staring at the menu planning what we would eat next time we visited. lets just say the list is very long. 

they also offer catering services, 5 course set menus and a excellent wine list. 

you can find Peel Street Restaurant at 9 Peel Street, Adelaide.

Written by Jess

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