if your anything like me then you feel like you’re forever busy. I feel at times that I am forever in the car- at work a car is my office and in my down time I am always driving here and there.

but being forever out and about means eating on the go. you could eat a cheese burger (and lets face it, I do love a sneaky cheese burger), but there are plenty of other getting around for when your feeling peckish. in a perfect world I would pre make all my snacks so I am always having fresh and affordable food- but sometimes that doesn’t happen.

here’s a list of some of my favourite on the go treats that are perfect for a snack in between meals and not full of processed junk. they are a nice change from my standard fruit, turkey and corn thins and even better, they taste DAMN GOOD!


image credit- blue dinosaur

blue dinosaur paleo bars

Mike and Tina are the masterminds behind these bars of goodness (if I ever meet them I will hug the life out of them). These bars have been a savour when working and just fill the spot. They come in 5 different flavours and each bar has only 5 completely natural and wholefood ingredients. There’s nothing more satisfying than reading a label of a snack bar and knowing each of the products. You will want one of these gluten free, dairy free, soy free, preservative free bars in your life as a daily ritual once you get a taste of them.
my favourite pick: Mac Lemon and The Brazilian 


photo credit- tuckers natural

tuckers natural snack bites

ok so if I could accompany these crackers with some feta and spinach dip and a small wheel of brie I would probably be the happiest woman alive. however trying to cut brie and drive will no doubt end up in me rear ending a car. these crackers are the perfect on the go snack and are great for those who love a savoury option. they come in 4 flavours including onion cheddar, quinoa, supergrains and chilli and each serving is 100 calories or less. my local woolies keeps them but you can find them at most good supermarkets or online here.


wallaby superfoodie slices

when I think of Byron Bay I picture hipsters, health conscious foodies, whole foods and a cool and casual vibe. so when you see the packaging and read about the tribe behind Wallaby its evident that they manufacture these delicious bites near one of NSW’s coolest towns. I only recently discovered these slices and they have quickly become a staple at home. they use simple, raw ingredients that are cold pressed and 100% natural. with flavour combos such as apple and raspberry, banana coconut walnut and chai, coconut and lime and blueberry and lemon you will wanna try them all.

my favourite pick: cuppaccino and cacao


emma and toms life bars

since were talking all things bars then I have to include these bad boys. Emma and Toms are always on special at my local woolies so are the perfect pick and great to stash in the handbag for those busy days. Their life bars come in 6 different flavours and are packed full of all the yummy things like almonds, medijool dates and cashews. flavours suit almost every taste with combinations like cacao and orange (hello healthy jaffa), banana with chia and fig and lemon. I reach for one of these when i’m craving dessert but need to hold back on the ice cream. YUM.


obela hommus to go

who doesn’t love hommus. I love to make my own but when I don’t have time sometimes the supermarket stuff has to happen. I’ve found that Obela Hommus to go pots taste just as good as the home made stuff and even better is that they come in a variety of flavours- hello roasted capsicum, low calorie and garlic. teamed up with a handful of wholegrain rice crackers in a sturdy little plastic casing these bad boys are perfect for on the go.

loving earth

image credit: loving earth

loving earth kale chips

I try and make my kale chips at home, but when I can’t be bothered or burn mine (happens more often than not) then these crispy chips are my go-to. the packets are 40 grams so are a great snack size and come in 3 flavours- “purple- pumpkin seeds, chai and beetroot”, “red- raw cashew, carrot and barbeque sauce” and “yellow- cashew, carrot and coriander”. they are super moreish and you might find yourself scrounging for another packet.


image credit- fleurieu milk and yoghurt company

fleurieu milk & yoghurt company yoghurt pots

myponga dairy farmers have worked their magic in yoghurt world with these creamy and filling pots of bliss. they’re available in 100gram and 250gram pots from smaller independent grocers and they are great for when your feeling peckish. the yoghurt is thick and flavoursome and is gluten and gelatine free. With options like Honey, Mango, Passionfruit, Mixed Berry and Natural you won’t wanna stop at one.

my favourite pick: the honey pot served with home made granola

whats your favourite on the go food? I’d love to know..

Written by Jess



You can buy them by the box Kate! the fleurieu pantry will generally order them in for you or I buy them at Foodland Hallett Cove x


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