girls nights these days are a rarity. so when they come around I grasp them with both hands and embrace the shit, sorry, the hell out of them.

on friday night the girls and I headed into the city to get elbow deep in tapas and have a few cheeky glasses of wine. we headed to peel street, and after some glowing recommendations we ended up at La Rambla. it was super busy with not a table to spare, so we stood at the bar for a half hour or so where we drooled over the food being dished out of the kitchen and sipped on our flasks of sangria. and the sangria list I will add is delightful- think raspberry, passion fruit, gin, cucumber and mint. although we had to wait we were not forgotten about. the staff were super friendly and attentive and gave us excellent drink suggestions. the restaurant itself was dark but the mood was far from it- bustling with energy to the beat of a excellent music playlist and even a waiter in a flamingo shirt (I need this shirt).

IMG_0317  IMG_0319

once we got a table we ordered more sangria (because lets face it, you can never have to much sangria) and cast our eyes on the tapas menu. after spending several minutes debating over what to have the delightful waiter said that he could bring out a range of tapas, including vegetarian options, for $30 a head. we thought that this was a fabulous idea and we ran with it. and what a good idea it was.


we snacked on plates of thinly sliced chorizo, chorizo in a sticky red wine sauce and different varieties of cheeses. there was plates of bread, a variety of eggplant, mushroom truffles on a bed of lettuce and sourdough, prawns and squid, lamb cutlets, spanish omelettes and some little bruchetta thing with white bait.



the lamb was cooked to perfection. the sauce that covered the chorizo was sticky and a little bit sweet. the cured meat was cut so thinly that it made it oh so very easy to eat handfuls of it with the cheese at the same time (so I did). I even tried the squid which for me is a shock. both my seafood savvy friends and I agreed that it was perfectly cooked and tasted delicious. and the patatas bravas was exciting as it sounds. the little golden potatoes topped with a spicy sauce and aioli was a spanish dream.

IMG_0320   IMG_0330

lucky I was wearing pants with a stretchy waistband because I was well and truly full after this meal. if you love tapas and sangria, and a equally impressive wine and cocktail list then you really need to visit this little beauty. there is a lounge style area on the second level as well as seating area in the bar and out the front.

you can find La Rambla at 28 peel street, Adelaide.

Written by Jess

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