average restaurants don’t get featured in Gourmet Traveller.

so that’s proof that Kutchi Deli Parwana is far from average, it’s incredible to be exact.


many a time have I wandered down Ebenezer Place to see this restaurant bustling with the office lunch time crowd with a line flooding out the door. However on a recent trip to the city I just had to stop in and get my hands on some of those delicious Afghan treats.

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found in a small street in the east end full of cafes, eclectic shops and ample hipsters this little lunch joint really stands out from the crowd. Covered in bright blue tiles, traditional artwork, splashes of gold, coloured glass and pom poms, walking into this restaurant transports you from your busy life to a country of colour and generosity. The smell of the kitchen is enough to make your mouth water and the family behind the counter will have you leaving with a beaming smile.

we were talked through the menu and struggled to decide on what we wanted- one of everything I thought (but then I remembered I needed to try on new pants that afternoon. scrap that.) We both ordered the Morgh Degee- Chicken pieces marinated in yoghurt and Afghan spices. While we waited for our meal we sat outside and drooled at the dumplings and lamb bolani (housemade panfried turnovers) that were being devoured next to us. We also sipped on a housemade chai that was sweet, aromatic and full of spices. This was my first time having a chai and I must say i’m pretty devastated that I didn’t try one sooner.


before we knew it our meals were in front of us. lets just say the size of the meal isn’t for the faint hearted. the naan bread itself was bigger than my head. The chicken was incredibly tender and fell apart as you picked it up. It was infused full of flavour from the marinade and chutney and tasted like it had been in a slow cooker for hours. The chicken was paired a refreshing little salad of tomato, cucumber and herbs and was wrapped up in a huge, crisp and light naan bread.


once we had finished our meal we people watched and planned what we would eat the next time we visited- a huge serve of Banjan Borani is on the cards- it’s the Kutchi Deli Parwanas signature dish and is full of Eggplant slices simmered in tomato sauce, served with a yoghurt sauce. Oh and one last thing that I love about this place, its super affordable and caters for vegos so everyone is covered.


if your looking for a place for a feed that is different to your standard western dishes then look no further, you won’t be disappointed. get in nice and early because they don’t take bookings and their food rushes out the door.

you can find the Kutchi Deli Parwana at 7 Ebenezer Place, Adelaide.

Written by Jess

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