italian’s and jamie oliver.
what do they both have in common? both have sexy voices and cook delicious food.

towards the end of 2014 my friends and I spent a long lunch at Jamie’s Italian in Adelaide. the restaurant is situated in the old westpac bank on king william street. they have still kept some of the old features from the bank, including the incredibly high and beautiful ceilings and original vault and railings downstairs in the toilets (you will need to go to the bathroom to check it out).

we had made our booking months in advance but let me say the wait was worth it. I have heard some really mixed reviews about this restaurant but when we were here it was very relaxed and we had good service- we were there for almost 3 hours! they also take drop ins, if they cant find you a seat you can sit on the bar and soak it all in from there.

but first things first. drinks menu. they have a great selection of cocktails and a few beers, at a average price for cocktails. the flavours however were fantastic, very fruity and creative- it left us spending more on the drinks bill than the food. wine list at the time was pretty disappointing- would like to see some more local SA wines on offer.


rosemary and grapefruit collins and the amalfi punch

the menu itself is boasting a range of Italian delights- starting from a antipasti menu of cured meats, seafood and vego options. they have a variety of sides which are all at a reasonable price point, starting at $1.50 p/person for a selection of Italian bread to $18.00 for sourdough bruschetta. my friends and I shared some plates while we strugged to decide on what to have for mains.

sweet mini capsicums stuffed with whipped ricotta, mint & lemon- $10.

after spending almost a hour looking at the mains I decided on the spaghetti special- keeping it simple with cured meats, tomato and parmesan with some delicious crumbly pesto thing on the side. YUM. a few of us settled on this and we weren’t disappointed. we ordered the large size as the entrees looked a little skint.

homemade pasta with cured meats and tomato- off the specials board. 

now we leave the best until last.


OHHH BABY. jamie you do dessert so well. at this point I was so full that I shared dessert with a friend. but i’m thinking next time I might just come back here to eat dessert for dinner. huge portions (especially the tart), with sweets ranging from $7-$11.

IMG_7772 IMG_7776 IMG_7775

left- off of the specials board, chocolate tart.
right- tutti frutti lemon meringue pie with limoncello & crunchy pistachio brittle
bottom- fudgy chocolate brownie with amaretto ice cream & caramelised amaretti popcorn

the verdict. jamie has my heart (just quietly always will). regardless of all the terrible urbanspoon reviews I would go back again, the lasagna and raspberry and chocolate ripple pav are calling my name.

you can find jamies italian at 2 king william street, adelaide.

Written by Jess

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