Heading to the Clare Valley for the weekend or even just for a day trip? Need to know a place that sells incredible craft beers on tap made in the valley and small batch wines all in a cosy setting.

Well I have the place for you.

Hop & Vine.

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Hop & Vine is located in the town of Auburn, nestled in the Clare Valley Wine Region. From the road side it looks like a casual pub- something you would expect to find in a small country town. Seats and tables looking out onto the road, vines twisted around the balustrades at the front and side of the building. It’s comfortable, and as a out of towner draws you in like your own local pub.


However once you step inside the pub feel gets ramps it up a notch and takes you somewhere else. High ceilings will take your breath away with the glimmer of huge chandeliers that hang from above, splashing flickers of light across the huge open planned cellar door as the afternoon sun beams through the windows. Old chesterfield couches sit in the corner with a large tarnished map hanging from above giving the place a real vintage feel.

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Splashes of eclectic and almost retro type homewears are scattered around on shelves and fireplaces; old dart boards hang on the wall, quirky vases and even a animals skull complete with horns and fluorescent eyes hangs above a wine barrel that has been turned into relaxed seating. It’s hard to explain but it certainly is a sight to see. Cosy on up on a stool or on their velour couches- you could easily kill a afternoon here.


The staff are equally as welcoming and fun as the interior, happy to talk you through the small batches of wine that’s on offer for tasting or recommend you their favourite beers to put in a rather generous beer flight. Hop & Vine stocks The Clare Valley Brewing Co beers– you know, the ones with the bright popping labels with creative designs and catchy names. The other half grabbed himself a flight quick smart whilst I grabbed a pint of the Miss Molly Malone when we visited. Miss Molly is like a cider made completely of grapes. It was sweet and perfect for the warmer weather- I could picture drinking it on the beach or outside with friends at a BBQ. The other half dabbled in several of their beers including the Monkeys Uncle Red Ale, King Kong Stout, The Fuzz Mid Strength Ale and the Bulls Eye Australian Pale Ale. He was rather chuffed with all his choices, but monkeys uncle was the winner of the day.


If you’re after a cellar door with a relaxed vibe, cracking atmosphere and top notch beers then make sure this is on your list when you next visit the valley!

You can find Hop & Vine at 20 Main North Road, Auburn.

Written by Jess

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