i’m a sucker for a sangria.

it’s the perfect drink- refreshing, not to alcoholic (lets face it I can get tipsy rather quickly) and perfect when the warmer weather kicks in.

however I am also rather partial to my best mate cider. we are really so lucky here in South Australia- we have so many brands of locally made ciders in a variety of flavours and strengths. one of my favourite ciders is the Adelaide Hills Cider. so when I was having a cider-sangria craving I thought i’d mix my two loves which turned out to be rather delicious. it’s no where near traditional + can be tailored to almost any drinker.

this little number is a based on a solo drinker- so if there’s more of you around just change the recipe accordingly.

hills cider

The Hills Cider Company Sangria



1 bottle of The Hills Cider Company cider in Apple
1/2 cup ginger ale
1/4 cup light white or red wine (or half a shot of vodka. you can leave the wine and vodka out all together if desired)
1/4 cup fruit juice (optional)
1/4 apple cut into slices
2 cinnamon sticks
a few strawberries
a few slices of orange


Chop up your fruit.
Add all ingredients in a big glass. I like to add the wine a bit at a time (and have a taste in between) as you don’t want to lose the taste of the cider.
Add plenty of ice.

Written by Jess

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