Looking for a cosy nook to drink an incredible cup of coffee in, in the south of Adelaide?

Well start looking at Goodness Coffee Co.

Tucked away in what once was a wheel wright business in the 1850’s , Goodness Coffee co is the newest coffee bar + roaster in the heart of Aldinga. This gem is run by Southerners and caffeine addicts Damien and John- who are both mad about their coffee. Both have also done a roasting course- Damien completed his with Peter Wolf in Brissy and John with Anne Cooper in Melbourne. Fulled full of roasting knowledge, they have put the wheels into motion by roasting onsite in the cafe- and god damn they are acing it.

They have restored their new home with the help of a local carpenter who lives a couple of doors down from the cafe (now that’s what I call supporting local). The fitout was based around the stunning 160 year old ironstone wall which was the highlight and inspiration for a lot of the design and additions-  think plenty of timbers, minimalist furniture, greenery and a timber work bench from Damien’s grandfather. There’s even the boys handiwork on display- with signage made by the lads themselves. The whole place has such a inviting and friendly vibe, making it very easy to nestle in and drink a coffee or three.

When the weather is warm then head straight for the cute garden out back, filled with a water fountain, succulents, big shady trees and on some occasions, chickens roaming from next doors property. You can also head out front where there’s picnic tables and big wooden seats- perfect for those with dogs or little ones that want to play on the grass.

In terms of the menu, these guys boast mostly coffee (duh). They make a mean espresso and cater for everyone from latte loving folk, to cold brewers and even chai for those wanting something different. Their coffee is smooth and strong and by far some of the best I have had in a long time- do yourself a favour and hold off on the sugar.

If you are after something to nibble on, they stock a small range of muffins, cookies and savouries made by one of their employees mums- Mumma Kate. This lady knows how to make a mean cake. Their croissants are supplied by Botega Rittolo and the chocolate one is a no brainer.

Thank goodness the Goodness Coffee Co are in Aldinga- these guys coffee game is strong.

 You can find them at 24 Old Coach Road, Aldinga, from 8am – 2pm Thursday to Sunday.

Written by Jess


john Morgan

just another one of your choice finds again Jess, this will be a go to for us.


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