if I had to sum up a list of my favourite things in a cafe they would be big windows, industrial lights, good coffee, a hearty brunch menu and cute flowers on the tables. oh with the addition of tiny cute dogs out the front and a chalkboard for good measure.

if that’s your idea of a great cafe then you will simply fall in love with Froth & Fodder.


hidden away behind the Kurrulta Park Shopping Centre, this timber clad, tin chair scattered, chesterfield boasting cafe is cosy, clean and bursting with personality. Expect to be greeted by some very friendly gentleman carrying some impressive menus on clip boards. you can expect table service, a stack of foodie magazines and some scrumptious looking sweets.

we sinked into a chair by the window and sipped on some delicious lattes and fresh juices. I had a green juice packed full of kale and superfood goodness and the other half had a mix of strawberries, acai berries, coconut water and orange juice.  I felt healthier just drinking them (I think).

IMG_1109 IMG_1097

As i’m super indecisive it took a while for me to figure out what to have for brunch as per usual. The menu is 2 pages long and lists almost anything you can think of. if your feeling healthy then get on the grains and goodies salad (with chicken or salmon) or the housemade crunchy granola. If your after a massive meal then your pretty much sorted with everything on the menu. We ordered the Smashed Avacado and Breakfast Burger.


the smashed avo comes with poached eggs but because i’m a weirdo with eggs I decided to swap with them with Balhannah bacon. GOOD CHOICE! The avo was plentiful, the sourdough toast was nice and crunchy, the haloumi was cooked perfectly and the rocket and dusting of seeds was a tasty touch. It was that big that I left half the toast and avo. I was so dissapointed in myself.


the other half had the breakfast burger. lucky I got a photo when I did because it didn’t last very long. the Balhannah bacon again was crunchy, the egg was the right amount of runny and the aioli was incredible. topped with a toasty sourdough bun and slathered with cheese, chutney and avocado. there was even a bit of the green stuff in there to.

next on my hit list include the salted caramel pancakes, farmers breakfast and roast pumpkin toast.
another fabulous thing about this cafe is they source most of their products locally- using Tweedvale Milk, D’Angelo coffee and Balhannah Junction meats just to drop a few names.


you can find Froth & Fodder at 41 Mortimer Street, Kurralta Park.

Written by Jess

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