The Adelaide Fringe is already in its final week, and just quietly, I’m kicking myself for not getting into the city as much as I had wanted. As per usual the Garden of Unearthly Delights, Gluttony and The Royal Croquet Club have been absolutely turning it on this year in the form of entertainment, food and bevvys.

This year is no different when it comes to food options- you’re once again spoilt for choice with some of the best catering companies making a re appearance, and some new favourites hitting the cards.

I’ve been eating (and ‘gramming) my way around the Fringe so you won’t have to suffer any food regret- so grab your stretchy pants and head into the city because you’re in for a treat.


Mclaren Vale’s favourite pizzeria is in the Royal Croquet Club this year and punters could not be more excited. Their stand is hard to miss- expect to see their trademark pastel greens and pinks, as well as the addition of a dancefloor complete with discoball. The Margherita Pizza is ridiculously good and the Nutella pizza sounds like it’s worth the high cholesterol.


The iconic mint green Devour icecream van is at the RCC and will satisfy all the sweet tooths. Their soft serve is mind blowing and I totally recommend eating one for dinner. Expect to see mouthwatering options like Chocolate Fudge Brownie sundaes, Peanut Butter and Jelly Sundaes and my all time favourite- the Salted Caramel sundae with caramelised cornflake crunch and salted caramel fudge. It’s incredible.

Schnitty on a Stick

It’s exactly that. One whopper of a schnitzel on a stick. You can snap these bad boys up in a variety of flavours (chicken and beef) with the options of sauce, gravy or even parmigiana. Vegos are even catered for with their eggplant parmi being a real winner, as well as kids options like their ‘Little Schnit’.

Mangia Mangia

The team at Andreas Cucina are here in the RCC and are pumping out the Italian goodness that they are known for. If gnocchi, ragu and fresh pasta is your thing then you will be delighted. We headed straight for their Polenta Chips- these bad boys were crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and with ample sauce to dunk them all in.


Ballers rejoice, your favourite Meatball truck has set up shop in the Garden of Unearthly delights and we couldn’t be happier. Expect to see all your favourites- Mexican meatballs with nacho chips, Parmi served with chips and vego options too. If you don’t like big balls (and that’s fine) then tuck into their Sweet Potato Fries with aioli- I’m calling them the best sweet potato fries getting around. If you’re into your sweeties then check out their Jam donuts- its the perfect festival treat.

Cantina Co

If you’re into your Mexican then get to Cantina Co (not sure if this is the name, but Cantina is on the truck). These guys know how to make a mean plate of Nachos. All reasonably priced and reasonably sized, Cantina dish out the best in Mexican fare. Their beef nachos with black beans were an absolute star, and their burritos looked a close second. The food is best enjoyed with Lychee Sangria which can be purchased in the bar just adjacent to the food stand.


If you want paella all-day-every-day then check out the Paella stand in the Garden nested near the ferris wheel and the Cantina Co. The serves are generous, there’s plenty of options and the flavour is punchy- just be sure to watch the chilli flakes on top.


Not sure what the name of this place is, but I’m going to just call it PIZZA. Their pizzas are super thin and crispy and boast a whole heap of flavour. The Margherita is a no brainer and the Pepperoni sounds equally delicious. After something a tad different? Then opt for the Pork Belly. Gluten free or Vegan- they also have you covered. Find them next to Delectaballs in the GOUD.


These tiny, fluffy pancakes are back in town and every time I visit the Fringe I have to eat them. Poffertjes are a Dutch mini pancake but made slightly different than your usual round delight. They are spongy and light, and in this case covered in plenty of dusting sugar. You can also top them with spreads like Rum Butter (so so good) or my favourite- Vanilla Cream. It’s the perfect after dinner treat.

Special Mentions:

The Forage Supply Co– you can never go wrong with their food, especially their Nachos. Find them at the RCC.

Slo Moes Smokery– The best pulled meat going around and the crispiest of fries. Find them at the RCC.

Saint Espresso Cafe– Icecream, donuts, mega shakes. These guys are the dessert kings. Find them at Gluttony.

Corn Star– Corn on a stick, BBQ’d and covered in flavoured butter, salt and all kinds of deliciousness. Find them at the Garden.


Written by Jess

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