a special birthday calls for a special centre piece.

the weekend just been was my mums 50th birthday party. the theme- a casual garden party, eclectic and comfortable. my mum is a green thumb and it seemed fitting to use what she loves so much through out the party. After a visit to a road side succulent bush, collections of clippings and a visit to spotlight I had my supplies for my super cheap, and even easier, 50th centre piece.


you can adapt this DIY to any numbers or letters, I think it would look awesome spelling out letters of the bride and groom at a wedding (keeping that in the bank for the future).

happy creating!

DIY Succulent Numbers


Paper mache numbers of your choice. I used kaisercraft numbers from spotlight, $4.99 each
Gold spray paint
Florist foam (dry)- available from craft stores
Succulent cuttings (I used the one type but you can use a mixture)



How to do it

Get your numbers. Using a stanley knife or sharp scissors, cut the top off of the numbers. Remove any cardboard that is inside the numbers. Leave the sides and bottom of the numbers remaining.

Spray the numbers with gold spray paint, focusing on the sides that will be exposed. You can use any coloured spray paint your heart desires.

Once dry, place on a even surface. Cut the florist foam in to strips a similar (or slightly larger) size to your numbers. Push the florist foam gently into the numbers so it has a snug fit. If the florist foam sticks up to high above the top of the cardboard, cut it with a sharp knife so the foam remains flush with the card board.

Trim the succulent cuttings so they have short stems- but make sure you leave enough to stick them into the foam. Approx .5cm should be enough.

Push your succulent clippings into the florist foam. Use a combination of different sizes and colours, making sure that the succulents don’t hang over the cardboard to much (you don’t want to lose the shape of the numbers). Try and fill as many gaps as you can so you can’t see the florist foam.

instagram the hell out of them! x



Written by Jess



Such an amazing idea! Do you think you could use the same process with other types of flowers?

dressed in copper

yeah for sure, anything that has a stem would be perfect! x


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