After a wine that all the cool kids drink?

One with a damn cool label, flavours that fill your mouth giving you that “agh can’t we just drink this straight out the bottle” feeling and hand made right here in South Australia, in small batches by a guy who is just-plain-lovely.

Then you need to get some Delinquente Wine Co wine in your life. NOW.


Made in the heart of the Riverland, this beautiful wine is produced by Greg and a few off siders- Ashley who grows the grapes and Ankles who does the creative side of things- yes those incredible labels that you can’t shift your eyes away from. Greg calls the Riverland home and has done so for many years so it seems fitting that he just shifted into wine making.

There is no cellar door for this wine, and there will not be one in the near future. Sorry, hold back the tears. However, you can find their wines at some awesome events and at their own spring launch event called “wine riot”- a good excuse to party and dabble in their wines. You can also find them in independent bottle shops in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth as well as on online through their site. Adelaidians at home you’ll find them in some of our favourite bars and eateries such as Clever Little Tailor, Bar Torino, Bank St Social + Gin Long Canteen.


I had the pleasure of having 4 of the 5 vintages delivered to my front door- I may or may not have squealed like a small child. After several months of keeping them aside, we finally found a weekend that we could sit down and dabble in the liquid gold, and can I just say, it was worth the wait. The range contains 5 beautiful wines- from white, rose, red and sparkling, each bringing a variety of punchy flavours to the table. Once you’ve tried one it will be hard not to place another order online.


Pretty Boy- nero d’avola- brings back memories of strawberry picking as kids, running around and eating more berries than we put in our buckets. It’s jammed full of flavours of strawberries and cream and has a nice dry finish- perfect for the summer weather ice cold or with a few ice cubes thrown in for good measure.

Screaming Betty- vermentino- Betty you stole my heart a little of a lot. Boasting citrus flavours with a little bit of zing, this white wine is perfect with stirfrys and Thai food. With its floral tones and pear means I could swirl and sniff the glass all day {that sounds bad, doesn’t it}.


The Bullet Dodger- montepulciano- He may be a ugly bugger, but he’s damn delicious. Let the dark aubergine and plum like liquid fill your glass- in copious amounts, and take in fruity tones and flavours of mulberry. It’s easy drinking, smooth and it’s sexy- who said it’s all about good looks?

Roxanne The Razor- ndm- A wine that is earthy, spicy with a good kick of raspberry. Some say they even taste redskins. It is incredibly juicy, fruity and is your typical summer wine- pairs perfectly with a BBQ in the Australian sun.



You can find the Delinquente Wine Company at their website here, and oggle their photos on Instagram and Facebook.

Written by Jess

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