They say you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy coffee, and that’s pretty much the same thing.

That’s why the De Groot Coffee Co makes me one happy lady.


A visit here has been long overdue. I have had these guys beans before in many a latte from cafes in Adelaide and beyond, so it just made sense to go to the home of De Groot. The home is hidden away in a big shed, on the corner of Waterport Road just out of the township of Port Elliot. If you don’t go looking for it you won’t find it, but it’s well and truly worth the hunt.



The shed is transformed into a mini cafe, with plenty of indoor seating in the form of tables and super cosy vintage chairs. When it comes to drink there’s no suprise that coffee is on the menu- espressos, lattes, mocha- they have you covered. Chocolate lovers will be excited to see Loving Earth used in there Hot Chocolates- one of my favourite labels. If you don’t dig coffee (I’m not passing any judgement) then fall in love with the Fleurieu’s own Fine and Dandy Tea– you can’t go pass the Peppermint Please and Green Citrus Cleanse. On this visit we had lattes, and as expected, they were perfect.



Those who like it chilly will be easily pleased with Mischief Brew cold filter on the board, as well as iced coffees and chocolates. For the big kid at heart there’s milkshakes using locally sourced flavours like Strawberry and Vanilla, and softies from South Australia’s own F C Grubb Soda. The thing that I’m the most excited about however- Spiders. They were an all time favourite when I was a kid. I’m talking the ice-cream and soft drink kind of course.


Alongside a huge selection of drinks De Groot has their beans for sale, as well as a small selection of delicious treats to go with your coffee- our favourite (and it seems it’s a favourite among many) is their Pear Tart. I don’t want to give to much away, but it is damn good.

You can find De Groot Coffee Co at Shed 5, Factory 9, Cnr Hill Street & Waterport Road, Port Elliot.
Open Monday-Sunday, 8-2pm.

Written by Jess

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