Burgers for days. Great beer on tap. A peanut brittle soft serve that literally blow your mind.

Bread & Bone is where it’s at.


On the mezzanine level above the hidden Maybe Mae, Bread & Bone Wood Grill is a industrial and relaxed burger bar with a difference. The service is top notch. The interior is a marble-ly, timber-y dream come true and the food, well, it’s drool worthy.


I’ve been here a few times now and never been disappointed- there’s a reason why this place has got such a damn good reputation. It draws a varied crowd being in the middle of town- office workers, uni students, people like me who need a break from walking around the city. It welcomes all. Especially burger loving folk.

On our most recent visit we were hungry and oh so thirsty. Lucky the menu is long and the drinks menu is even longer. If local beers, wine and refreshing cocktails are your thing then you’ll be pleasantly suprised. We kicked things off with a Moritz beer and a cocktail consisting of rum, ginger beer and fresh lime. Talk about super refreshing and very addictive.


In terms of food these guys delivered (as always). My cheeseburger loving boyfriend ordered the 300 burger and I ordered the B&B Hotdog. Both of these bad boys came with a side of crispy fries, which to my disappointment we couldn’t even finish because we were SO full.



The burger was ginormous and served on the most softest of seed buns. The patty was cooked pink and was super juicy which went perfectly with the lashings of special sauce, pickles, onions, mustard and crunchy onion rings. My hotdog was an absolute dream boat. The Vienna hotdog itself was super tasty and wrapped in smoked bacon (YUM). It had ample kewpie mayo (which I wanted to eat by itself), as well as plenty melted cheese, rich tomato sauce and plenty of onion ring goodness. It’s so good that it even temped the burger-loving-boyfriend, and after he tried it he had some serious food envy.


Although I couldn’t eat my chips and totally couldn’t breathe after lunch I just had to order dessert. I opted for the house made Salted Peanut Brittle soft serve ice cream with Peanut Praline. This soft serve was mind blowing- it had so many crunchy peanut bits, was as soft as a cloud and got eaten in about 2 minutes. It was one of the best ice-creams I have ever had and I’m not even joking. I can’t wait to eat it again. Their ‘Classic Vanilla’ soft serve icecream was also a hot contender- with a combo like chocolate and almond crumble how could you possibly go wrong?

If you are looking for a burger bar that has possibly the best burgers in town, and drinks menu to match, then look no further. This place ticks all of the boxes.

You can find Bread & Bone Wood Grill at 15 Peel Street, Adelaide.

Written by Jess

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