sunday mornings are for long breakfasts, strong coffees and adventures.

that’s why last sunday seemed rather fitting to visit the cafe I have been waiting forever to visit.
and this cafe my friend, is called A Mothers Milk.


you will find this melbourne-vibe-in-adelaide cafe on Unley road, on a corner of a street with brick walls covered in street art that pops with colour. for those Victorians out there, i’m saying it oozes it Prahan x CBD laneway. for us SA kids, it’s just a damn cool hangout with a sweet feel. whenever this joint is open it is guaranteed to be busy (note: I have been here more than 5 times and each time I left as the wait was long. I was also impatient). but this time we arrived with plenty of time up our sleeves so patience was my friend.

when we got there the place was buzzing. the Beastie Boys were playing over the speakers (triple trouble, an all time favourite) and we were quickly greeted by a guy in sweet threads who said there was a 20 minute wait. it may seem long to some but when you see the dishes they are bringing out the kitchen you will be happy to wait 40.


before we knew it we were sharing a table with a group of randoms, but hey who cares, because sharing is caring. perched on my little chair I stared at the exposed brick interior that had a street art hanging from the walls. there was plenty of other delights for the eye as well- Asian framed artwork, reclaimed timber floorboards and cool pendant lighting. there was also plenty of pretty orchids on the table- perfect for those who instagram the shit out of our meals. guilty as charged.

it wasn’t long before we were sipping on mugs of lattes, and damn good lattes at that. the coffee is strong and doesn’t need sugar, always a sign of a good brew. their menu is also equally as as good, boasting over 20 options ranging from brekky and brunch type eats- baked eggs, french toast, green chilli eggs and apricot and labneh to a more of a lunchy type selection- beetroot salads, pulled pork buns and chicken sandwiches. you won’t need to take out a personal loan to dine here either, with meals and drinks being reasonably priced.


after a lengthy debate I chose the smashed arvo with dukkah, feta and chorizo on a toasted bagel and the other half chose the beans on toast- white beans in sticky red sauce with rosemary and chilli oil + a side of streaky bacon. I was apprehensive. I have never eaten a bagel before (don’t judge) so I was worried that breakfast may be a flop. oh I was so WRONG.

the bagel was oh so soft and a little doughy. i’m not sure what it’s like compared to other bagels but I loved it. there was ample avo on the plate and the feta was creamy and crumbly. the dukkah was nutty and the lemon wedge on the side gave the whole dish some zing. the chorizo was spicy but enjoyable and it left me wanting more.


The other halfs beans tasted a treat. Rich and hearty with the right amount of kick- the chilli oil was a nice addition. The bacon looked sensational (he ate it quickly so I couldn’t try any) but his word was that it was damn good.

the service at this place was fantastic even though the staff were continuously run off their feet. they have seating both inside and outside and do takeaway coffees if your on the move. now that I have been here once let it be known, if there is a wait do yourself a favour and be patient because this little joint is worth it.


you can find A Mothers Milk at 105 Unley Road, Adelaide. 

Written by Jess

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