Adelaide has my heart. always has, always will.

but there is a special place in my heart for sweet ol’ Melbourne.

maybe its because that’s where most my family are, or the fond memories I have of working with my mum in the Carlton gardens or trips to Frankston (don’t judge for those who know where that is) to see my dear great grandma.

or maybe I just love Melbourne because its a haven for food, shopping, design and hipsters. so. many. hipsters.

In the last couple of years I have gone to Melbourne (not as often as I would like) and I have fallen in love with her all over again. every time I go back there is always new places to discover, new coffee joints to try or buildings to admire.

below is a little list that I’ve compiled of some of my favourite places I have eaten in Melbourne. there’s a lot of places not on the list that are winners but sometimes a girl deletes her instagram photos (idiot) and has the memory of a goldfish.

melbourne- acland street melbourne- acland street2

Acland Street, St Kilda- a short tram ride from the city centre, or taxi if you feeling weary. we walked acland st and discovered this cute little cafe. This place has a industrial vibe with super friendly staff and a cake cabinet which was exploding with tempting sweets. can’t remember the name of it for the life of me but will get back to you on that one. My tip– try the pork chop, fried eggs with corn bread and roasted truss tomatoes (top) and granola with natural yoghurt with lavender sugar (bottom).

melbourne- black cat brunswick

Black Cat, 252 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy- need a break from all that shopping you’ve been doing on Brunswick street. or just need a place for brunch, a good platter or a pint of cider? then this should be on your list. boasting a delicious but simple brunch menu with plenty of outdoor seating or indoor seating (surrounded by eclectic decor and indie tunes), we munched on our cured meats and falafel and watched the world go by. My tip: don’t order a schooner because they generally don’t exist.. I fall into this trap every time.

melbourne- frozen by a thousand blessings

Frozen by a thousand blessings, Melbourne Central- love frozen yoghurt? love low fat things? I certainly do. I also love covering low fat choc frozen yoghurt with white chocolate chunks, coconut and raspberries. One of the coolest (no pun intended) fro-yo places, they offer 6 flavours at a time, for $2.90 per 100grams you can load up on those choc chunks as much as you like. My tip– did I mention white chocolate with goji berry chunks?

melbourne- grand trailer park

The Grand Trailer Park Taverna, CBD– think wooden caravans and picnic tables inside a restaurant serving the tastiest burgers and alcoholic milkshakes. also a long list of beers, cocktails and even my favourite fog city sangria. my best friend and I were taken here by her brother and his girlfriend (we shall call them L&K)- got to love having some local knowledge. blink and you will miss this place, its located up a skinny set of stairs beaming with fairy lights at 87 bourke street, Melbourne. My Tip– the Francis Underwood burger. Think brioche, potato, mac and cheese croquette and Australian beef.

melbourne- our little secret

Our Little Secret, 722 Riversdale Road, Camberwell– thanks to L&K we found ourselves at this little cafe. they are regulars here and it’s obvious why they keep coming back. the service is on point. the coffee is tremendous. the toasted sandwiches are as big as your head with the most dreamiest chicken and aioli combination you can imagine. and they have sweet books that you can use to style your coffee with for instagram photos… or read.          My Tip– have as many coffees as your body can handle because it is liquid gold.

melbourne- south wharf

The Boat Builders Yard, South Wharf- we walked past this place a couple of times on our way to give the credit card a work out at the DFO and every time it as busy. the open plan dining, deck chairs out the front and relaxed atmosphere kept calling our name and with suitcases in tow we pulled up a chair. and thank god we did because the breakfast frittata was cheesy and flavour some and the fresh juice was just what the doctor ordered. right next to the Melbourne convention centre and 10 minutes from southern cross station its super convenient for those staying in town. My Tip– go there in the afternoon and try out their long list of beers on offer.

 melbourne- tall timber

Tall Timber, 60 Commercial Road, Prahran- another recommendation from L&K. god damn they have good taste. boasting a long breakfast menu with the additions of juices, superb coffees and freshly baked sweets at the counter its no wonder why this little cafe filled up very quickly while we were there. the ambiance was lovely, the decor was minimal but cosy and the staff were very friendly. vego and health concious friendly, I was so keen on eating I even forgot to snap my food. My Tip– learn to like poached eggs. it’s a main contender on their menu and they don’t alter menu options on weekends.

melbourne- the hardware society melbourne- the hardware society2

The Hardware Societe- 120 Hardware Street, Melbourne– this cafe is what I think of when I dream of brunching in Melbourne. it is hidden down a little alleyway and dishes out fancy latte art, a long and appetizing menu and grouse decor. and even better it gives you the option of having pork belly for breakfast- I felt I had to oblige. My Tip– pork belly of course. my bestie had the baked eggs and she said they were incredible. we will be back!

melbourne- street art

gotta love Melbourne’s super creative, and in this case, meaningful street art.

you’ll also love- South Melbourne Markets (think paella, mexican, fresh seafood), St Kilda for fresh pastries, Meat Market at South Wharf (you guessed it, meat), Velvet Bar in the Crown Casino for giant cocktails and the hundreds of little bars in alleyways that serve some of the cities best cocktails.

Do you have a favourite place in Melbourne that you love to eat at? Or a secret coffee spot that I should try? I’d love to know! x

Written by Jess

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